QueenBee PAPER


Tokenomics QueenBee
BUY & SELL Tax 0%
QueenBee token holders won't be subject to any tax or fees when they sell or buy the QueenBee token. The aim is to make these transactions as seamless and cost-effective as possible.
Pre-sale & Private-sale (30% total supply)
Queenbee Pre-sale and Private-sale comprise 30% of the total Queenbee supply. The Pre-sale and Private-sale tokens are typically sold to a select group of investors before the public sale. These investors are usually given a sizable discount on the price of the token as an incentive to buy early. Pre-sale and Private-sale tokenomics help startups and projects to raise funds and establish a community of early backers. These early backers are generally more invested in the success of the project and can help spread the word, creating valuable publicity.
Staking Reward & Liquidity Provision (55% total supply)
Staking Reward and Liquidity Provision (55% of total supply) are two important components of Queenbee's tokenomics. Staking Reward refers to the mechanism where users who hold and stake Queenbee tokens can earn rewards in return for providing liquidity to the network. These rewards are designed to incentivize long-term holding and participation in the ecosystem.
On the other hand, Liquidity Provision refers to the process of adding liquidity to the Queenbee network by contributing tokens to designated liquidity pools. This process helps to ensure a healthy trading environment by providing adequate liquidity for users to buy and sell Queenbee tokens.
Together, these two components form an integral part of Queenbee's tokenomics, aimed at creating a sustainable and thriving ecosystem for users and investors alike
SCO 2.5%
There will be a small percentage of the QueenBee token allocated to an initial coin offering (ICO) or SCO (Safety Coin Offering). This ICO is designed to enable early adopters of the platform to benefit from the token's potential increase in value.
Team and Advisor (7% total supply)
Team & Advisor hold 7% of the total supply of QueenBee. They play a vital role in ensuring the stable and sustainable growth of the QueenBee ecosystem. Consisting of experienced individuals with strong backgrounds in finance, marketing, and project development, the team's primary focus is to guide the future direction of the project, manage the finances, and provide strategic insights to enhance the community's overall value. With their expertise, the Tokenomic Team & Advisor are vital contributors to the success of QueenBee.
Marketing 3%
Finally, QueenBee will allocate 3% of the total token supply to its marketing campaigns. This marketing budget ensures that the platform reaches a wider audience and has a chance to gain more users, contributing to the QueenBee ecosystem's growth.
In summary, QueenBee tokenomics are designed to encourage stability, encourage long-term investment, incentivize team members and early adopters, and reach wider audiences through marketing. Community Rewards & Airdrop (2.5% total supply) We will distribute 2.5% of the total Queenbee tokens to the community in the form of an airdrop. The aim is to give the community a chance to acquire Qube tokens for free by participating in a giveaway, completely free of charge!